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Forex Data Base Widget shows important future events, announcements and news. With a few clicks, you can set the relevant Forex Data Base filters, select the severity of events and the currencies affected.


You can make your Forex training one-to-one with our Consultants and find answers to the questions you are curious about from the data base. If you wish, you can send your questions to us using the form below.


Forex means a foreign exchange market in which currencies belonging to different countries can be mutually mentioned and sold. The word was derived from the abbreviation of the English words 'Foreign Exchange'. The global forex market has a trading volume of $ 5.5 trillion on a daily basis. In this sense, it is the most financial market in the world.

There are also units actively involved in the Forex markets. These units are commercial banks, central banks, portfolio management companies, brokerage houses and institutions, international funds, huge investment companies and personal investors.

Forex trading is always done in two different currencies. These units are also called currency pairs. In pricing of the currency pair, the value of the first currency is determined by the value of the second currency. Investors, on the other hand, aim to make profit from this price mobility by making analyzes based on whether the currency pair will increase in price in the future.


Many advantages are offered to investors in Forex trading. Some of those:

  • You can trade 5/24 using currency pairs, CFDs and commodities offered by the platform.
  • The daily trading volume in the global forex markets is $ 7.5 trillion. This amount is even more than the sum of the stock and bond markets in the world. This means a large trading volume; It means a much more protected market than manipulations.
  • Investors are given the opportunity to maintain investments at low costs by offering narrow spread rates.
  • Universal Global grants its investors a leverage ratio of up to 1: 200 for transactions to be carried out in the forex markets. As an example, you can start an investment of 1,000,000 to 200,000 USD using the 1: 200 leverage ratio.
  • Universal Global offers all investors the opportunity to follow current events and economic data that may be reflected in the markets, while at the same time, it provides the opportunity to follow instant data and market analysis on our page.